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Jangir Sultan
Jangir Sultan
Founder and CEO
Patient Advocate with over 23 years of personalized healthcare experience   

Meet Jangir Sultan, Founder & CEO of Patient Advocates of America. Born in Brooklyn and raised in England, Jangir's journey took an inspiring turn when he immersed himself in his heritage in the Himalayas at age 10. There, caring for his grandparents, he found purpose and passion, returning to the US with a determination to make a meaningful impact in eldercare.

With a rich history spanning roles like OT Manager, Regional Director of Rehabilitation, and Director of Specialty Programs, his unwavering commitment to exceptional care shines through. Patient Advocates of America was born from this devotion, aiming to elevate healthcare into a realm centered on clients, delivering unparalleled quality.

Join us in our pursuit of quality care. Patient Advocates of America is your partner in achieving the care you and your loved ones rightfully deserve.


Education, Certificate, and Licensure

B.S. in Occupational Therapy, University at Buffalo  

M.S. in Advanced Athletic Training and Sports Sciences, Long Island University

Advanced Certificate in Gerontology, Long Island University  

Licensed Occupational Therapist

Licensed Nursing Home Administrator 

Certified Dementia Care Specialist 

Certified Fall Prevention Specialist 

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