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The testimonials are expressions of the

individuals and not paid endorsements by Jangir Sultan.

Kevin Harter Bloomingdales

Kevin Harter


Group VP Integrated Marketing at Bloomingdales


"Due to Patient Advocates of NY I was confident that the right choices were being made in regard to mother's medical needs "


Bryan Duncan


Singer/Songwriter Grammy and Dove Award Winner 


"It is an outstanding soul that shows compassion to those whom they have never met. Jangir Sultan is such a soul. He inspires my faith in humanity. Offering compassion with diligence on behalf of those who can do nothing for him. His insights and direction through a health maze is a silver lining in a dark cloud." 


Bevy Smith


TV personality & Author

"As most of you know, I have an amazing Mom in pretty good health (knock wood). However, the older she gets, it gets more daunting to be her primary caregiver, and a gal needs HELP! Thankfully my dear friend, Jangir Sultan, has been a real beacon of information, and now you too can have him as a resource! If you have elderly parents, you MUST check out his website."

Dennis Williams HBO

Dennis Williams 


SVP, Corporate Affairs & Corporate Social Responsibility at WarnerMedia 


"Too many times people are left in vulnerable positions when they can’t speak for themselves or fully understand what is often complicated medical information. Sometimes they don't even know what question to ask! Having a knowledgeable health advocate is a must! Awesome job Jangir Sultan for striking out and providing this invaluable service."



Donna Schultz Hearst

Donna M. Schultz


Executive Director, Hearst Design Group

"I lost my mom about 2 & half years ago but before she left us & became my guardian angel, I was able to be near both her and my dad for years before she passed. One of the first people that I spoke to about my decision to leave NYC & help both my parents was Jangir Sultan."

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