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Our Services 
  • Home safety evaluation

  • Assist in establishing power of attorney, health care proxy and advance directives  

  • Facilitate communication between your healthcare providers

  • Helping you achieve the highest level of independence in the community 

  • Advocacy at all levels of care 

  • Assisting in identifying care providers to best meet your needs

  • Assistance in working with your insuranceš

  • Advocate for additional time from managed care insurance and help patients file an appeal for nursing home days or home health aide hours

  • Set up transportation to medical appointments

  • We can obtain prior authorization for homecare services before discharge from a facility 

  • Follow homecare services to ensure timely assessment and start of services

  • Offer patient "gap services" before the initiation of home care services 

  • Ensure durable medical equipment is properly adjusted and in place

  • Ensure medication delivered to the patient on time

  • Ensure patient attends recommended appointments

  • Ensure providers are in-network 

  • Ensure the home health aide meets the patient's clinical and personality needs 

  • Connect patients to community-based services to avoid social isolation

  • Chart audit 

  • Applying for Medicaid, Medicare, or a private insurance

  • Assistance in setting up a trust 

  • Hospice and palliative care experience 

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